Controlling Information

The dream of the free spread of information may be in jeopardy. Recent issues with “fake news” have raised to the public consciousness the problem of our own inability or unwillingness to critically consider information. Because we cannot be bothered to seriously consider the implications and the validity of various news stories, companies and governments … More Controlling Information

Beginning Statistical Modeling and Visualization

I have decided to refresh my knowledge of statistics. Despite having taken an introductory statistics class, a sociological research class, an introduction to political science statistics class, and a statisticsĀ in sociology class, I find myself remembering very little of the details of the class. Moreover, the only class that used software modeling was the not-required … More Beginning Statistical Modeling and Visualization

New Beginnings

I am not entirely sure why I decided to start blogging. So this first post is simply a placeholder. My blog will be seated on uneventful beginnings, without a bang and barely a whisper.